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Following video shows some features of mobmap. You'll know about mobmap after watching this.

To Use Your Data

You have to prepare movement data as a CSV file. The file must follow the rules below.

CSV rules
  • Each line must contain ID, date/time, longitude, latitude.
  • Integer numbers are recommended for ID.
  • Both slashes(/) and hyphens(-) can be delimiter between date parts.
  • Lines must be in chronological order. Do not back to past. Order of IDs are not cared.
  • Order of columns is not cared. You can specify column index for each attribute before loading.
  • The file can contain other extra attributes.


Gate demo
Gate is particularly interesting function of Mobmap. Gate picks up objects or people passed specified location.
To use gate, drag line or polygon gate icon from the dock at the bottom of the screen and then drop it on the map. Click the gear icon to invoke gate functions.
gate screenshot

Sample Data from Nightley

Nightley Inc. publishes people flow data generated from SNS. It can be loaded on mobmap. Please see for more details.

Shibasaki Laboratory, the University of Tokyo